Sunday, October 13, 2013

Find your perfect fragrance

Happy Spring everyone!!!

Today I wanted to talk to you all about finding your perfect fragrance, how, and how not to wear it, and a few other helpful hints.

Interested in a little history lesson? Here you are :):
There has always been a trade in scents and by the year 2008 perfume had become a $10 billion industry. Today women have fragrance wardrobes of at least six different perfumes, rather than a single signature perfume, keeping one special perfume for occasion moments.
People have used perfume, oils and unguents on their bodies for thousands of years in lesser or greater amounts dependant on fashion whims. The early Egyptians used perfumed balms as part of religious ceremonies and later as part of pre-intimacy preparations. Myrrh and Frankincense were exuded gums from trees used to scent the atmosphere in rituals. Other plants such as rose and peppermint were steeped in oils until a perfumed unguent formed. The unguent was then rubbed into the skin. It's interesting to note that perfume has come full circle today as more and more of us seek out high quality aromatherapy perfumed oils to use in exactly the same way as our ancestors did.
Products that enhance the feel of skin and the smell of the body have been highly valued in every culture. Trade routes introduced spices to other parts of the world and a wider range of scents could be made. In the past people often mixed their own potions using home methods creating their own aromatherapy products. Many homes had a still room where essences were steeped out of flowers and herbs.
Perfume fell out of use during early Christianity, but was revived in the medieval period. By the 1600s scents were applied to objects such as furniture, gloves and fans. In the Georgian Era non greasy eau de cologne was developed and it had many uses from bath essence to mouthwash.

So how do we found our own signature fragrance?
There are plenty of perfume and cologne choices out there. But even with the variety of fragrances available, there is still one dilemma…how do you find the perfect fragrance that smells great on you? That is, without having to waste your precious money buying bottle after bottle only to find out they don’t work the magic you’re looking for? Now, you are familiar with the sales people at the discount stores, waiting for you in the aisle, ready to give a spray or two. Yeah, then you try this one and that one and by the end of your experience, you’re either confused, dizzy, or both!

Trying New Fragrances At No Cost To You!

If you happen to like going to the mall and visiting department stores, you can take advantage of your visit without having to buy their perfume. You also have to be careful not to try out too many fragrances at once. Decide to try between two and four fragrances per visit: one sample on each wrist and one on each crevice of your elbows. More than that is overkill. Take a small spray of each fragrance, allowing some time in between perfumes or colognes to let the alcohol evaporate.

As you take your stroll around the mall or go on to your next adventure for the day, the fragrances will be working their magic… you then decide if you like any of the candidates, or not. You can do this as often as needed until you find the fragrance, or fragrances, that make you, and those around you, smile. Once you have selected your signature scent, purchase it online.
The advantage of buying perfume and cologne online is that the prices are much more affordable. Also, you’ll find more variety because they have more space, since the perfume stores online don’t have to keep a storefront and make room for any other products. Additionally, while you are trying out your different fragrance, take a whiff of coffee beans (the counter should have some available) to reset your nose :)

Trying Out Your New Fragrances

Once you decide on the fragrances to try, the idea is to wear each for a while to allow the middle notes, or the heart of the fragrance to emerge. These are the notes that will reveal the essence of your chosen fragrance. They will interact with your body chemistry and become one – your very own signature scent. Wear your potential fragrance around the house, as you do your chores. This is a great way to test drive it because you will be allowing your body to heat up the fragrance and therefore reveal its heart notes. You can then experience the full scent effect and either buy a bigger bottle or take a shower!

Tips & Warnings

*If some perfumes make you break out, consult someone about the particualr perfume you are interested in. This way you can avoid a skin reaction at all costs.

*Should the price of the perfume you like is high, consider looking at other stores. There are many retail stores that carry name brand perfumes for a lower price.

*While there are many positives to wearing perfume, there are few things to avoid. One involves perfume and jewelry. Certain types of jewelry, such as costume or pearl jewelry, can become discolored due to perfume alcohols. Some jewelry can also be stripped of its outer coating. When wearing perfume with this type of jewelry, apply it away from the jewelry.
*Don't use only one perfume year round. Test out various perfumes during seasonal changes to see which ones work best in the hot or cool temperatures. Different fragrances are affected by temperatures when it comes to scent intensity.
*Never apply perfume behind the ears. It can blend with skin secretions and create a bad smell. Also, don't spray perfume onto light-colored clothes because it can turn the fabric yellow.
*When buying perfumes online, try out the same brand and scent in a local store first to be sure it's right for you.

*The perfume fragrances you wear can cause people to be attracted to you or, unfortunately, to flee from you! You should carefully choose perfumes that enhance the space around you. Be careful not to offend others with fragrances that are too strong.

*Find a fragrance that complements your skin and natural aroma of your body. The scent should be subtle enough to not invade anyone else’s “personal space” but pleasant enough that others will want to stay around you. Perfume is meant to enhance your personality, attire, and overall being.
Other tidbits:
If you have dry skin, wear extra perfume. The oils in your skin, or lack thereof, can enhance or weaken the scent. When it’s cold out, wear extra perfume. Cold weather tends to weaken the scent as well. When, buying new perfume, don’t base your decision on what works for someone else. Try it out on your own skin first. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to a scent.
The best time to apply perfume is right after a shower or bath. After bathing, your skin pores will be open and will soak up the perfume’s fragrance. Also when bathing, use non-deodorized soap where the perfume will be applied. Soaps and deodorants can affect how the perfume will smell on your skin; the mixture won’t always be pleasant!
When applying perfume, dab it in unusual places where it will stay warm and keep its scent longer. It can be applied on the inside of the elbow, on the wrist, neck, stomach, cleavage, and back of the knees.

MelissaRoshan's personal favs:
When I am feeling happy, and go lucky I wear Ralph Lauren Sport:
Ralph Lauren Blue By Ralph Lauren for Women, Eau De Toilette Spray
On my wedding day I wore Donna Karan Cashmere Mist, and I also break it out on date nights:
If I am going out to dinner with my girlfriends, and will look snazzy, I pull out Armani Mania.

If I am going to a black tie event, Allure Chanel never lets me down:
When I am working with clients, I don't want to over-power them with scents, so I opt for a small dab of Ellen Tracy:

And lastly, I recently discovered a new fragrance I love by Queen Latifah! Appropriately called, 'Queen':

Well, that is all for now my fabulous ones!!!! Hope this posting was insightful, and that you are on your way to finding that perfect fragrance!