Monday, November 10, 2014

My personal faves! (Part 2)

Hi Beauties!  A few of you have inspired me to start blogging much more often.  (You know who you are.  THANK YOU!).  I hadn't realized how many of you were reading! Definitely inspired, and excited me to put more of these out.  Going to aim for about twice a month :).

I am excited about this blog post, because I get to share with you all some of my own personal make-up faves.  As someone who is surrounded by beauty products ALL the time, you can trust that I've not only tried many of them, but also narrowed it down to the best of the best.  I have a part one of this a few posts back.  Definitely check that one out :)

I'm going to start off with make-up,  and then end with skin care.  I'd love if you all send me some of your faves too, and I'll feature you on this blog.  In the meantime, enjoy!

My favorite mascara of all time is STILL by Benefit Cosmetics. They have a mascara that not only elongates your lashes, but causes them to look fuller without clumping the lashes together at all.  I apply one coat on top of my lashes, followed by two coats underneath in a curling motion.  There isn't one thing negative I can say about this product.  I literally bought four at once.  It's THAT GOOD! Check out the model's lashes before/after (not my work; it was on the company website).  You can find this product at Sephora online, most department stores, and the actual Sephora store.
A must have that I also use is my highlighting wand by YSL called, Touche Eclat.  It's not a concealer, but rather a highlight wand that catches light in perfect key places throughout the face.  You apply it sparingly over your foundation/tinted moisturizer/BB cream where the light naturally falls: A couple dots above your eyes (not the bone, but actually above) under your eyes/more on your cheeks, your chin, and down the center of your nose.  This product is a little pricey, but I give you my word- it is well worth the investment.  It's the cost of 4-5 lattes to put it in perspective.  You can find this one online, or at high-end department stores.

Don't know what I would do without my Anastasia Brow Duality chunky pencil found at Sephora, or online.  How it works, is quite simple:  You apply underneath your eyebrow hairs.  The old school way make-up artists used to do it was by applying iridescent shadows, or white eyeliner pencils underneath, at it just would look dated now.  Anastasia's pencil comes in 3 different flesh tones, that look so natural!  It also lifts the brow a bit, and conceals hairs that may have grown back from your last tweeze/eyebrow appointment.  One side has shimmer (which I recommend using as an eye shadow, or on the inner rim of the eye) and the other is matte.  Use the matte either under the brows, or the middle of your lips followed by a gloss to give you more of a pout.  Picture found on the internet. 

Anastasia also has a pretty awesome eye-brow pencil, and powder I'm pretty loyal too as well.  I LOVE how precise it get's my brows looking.  And---they don't rub off---even if my skin get's oily!

My favorite blush of all time is by MAC: It's called, "Peaches".  And I can honestly say this color looks good on everyone except dark-chocolate hued beauties.  MAC is found online, or at most department stores.

After apply my foundation, and blush, I will put a little highlight on top along my cheek bones to give a nice luminous look.  What I use personally, and also own in my professional kit is the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Shimmer Brick.  It doesn't look glittery at all, but rather glowy.  You can also find BB at Sephora, or most department stores.  Bronze looks great on mush darker skin tones, Nectar/Nude on fair skin tones, Pink Quartz, Rose, Copper Diamond, on olive skin tones, and Platinum Pink on those that love a pinkier cheek.

For my foundations, I'm a big fan of either Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer, or MAC cosmetic BB Cream.  Laura gives me a nice sheer coverage for everyday, while the BB cream is still sheer, yet great for days that I have a modeling photo shoot.  Mac's also makes my skin feel smooth as butter.  You can find both products online, or department stores :)

Every girl wants to find an under eye concealer that not only lasts all day, but also doesn't crease.  I've searched high, AND low and found what I have been using for years: Smashbox Studios High Definition Concealer.  After I do my eye-make-up, I'll apply this concealer underneath my eyes, and go.  It's AMAZING.  Found online, Sephora, or most department stores.

I'm sure many of you are going to laugh about my lip of choice.  I still (since he 80's) love Bonne Bell's Lip Smackers in strawberry flavor.  Gives me a little bit of color, tastes yummy, and my little girl can borrow it too (smile).  You can get this one at any drug store :)

Now for skin care!  I have four must-haves that you can find at Sephora.  I'm 34, and haven't a wrinkle yet which I contribute partly to maintaining a great skin care regime:

I have washed my skin every day for the last six months (I do switch every six months so that my skin doesn't get so used to the product that it no longer responds as well) with Peter Thomas Roth's Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Cleansing gel.  It hydrates, replenishes, and has no parabens or other harmful agents that would affect my skin.  Plus, the bottle is the size of one that would hold shampoo, so it lasts at least 4-6 months.

I exfoliate my skin 3 times a week after I wash with Origins Cosmetic's, "Never a Dull Moment".  It sloughs away dead skin cells, and makes my skin look so fresh/dewy.  I don't switch up my exfoliators often FYI.  Just everything else.

Once a week after cleansing, and exfoliating, I'll used my Boscia Luminizing Black mask.  It's a peel off one that pull out black heads, and other gook off my skin.  If I have a special event the next day, I won't do it though because sometimes whatever I have pulled out off the top, uncovers what was underneath, and that means break-outs.    I believe that masking is a HUGE part of our regime however.  Definitely encourage you to find one to suit your needs.

Finally, for my moisturizer, I have been using (and loving) Shiseido's Benefiance cream.  It's a heavier cream that gives me plenty of moisture without feeling greasy.  I have more sensitive skin, and have been doing just fine with it.  If you have oily skin though, stick with a gel based moisturizer.  These are just my own personal faves.

Thank you all for reading! I hope Fall is treating you well! Back soon!



Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fall Yummies!

Hello Beauties!

I hope that everyone is full of cider, pumpkin pie, and happiness!  Fall is one of my favorite seasons for a multitude of reasons!  The leaves, the change in climate, no more allergies, annnnnnnnnd more of a romantic palette for my make-up collection. :)

This Fall season in particular, I am totally loving the color Brown---but let's call it chocolate as it sounds a bit fancier :).  I've been incorporating chocolate lip colors, nails, beautiful warm toned eye-shadows, bronzed cheeks, and such.  It is a color that I find looks good on everyone---as long as it's the right shade of course.  Below, I've included a few of my faves, as well as examples of variations of the tones.  Be brave, and consider trying it for yourselves!

Here is a before, and after of a beauty I made over using warm chocolate tones.  Initially, she was nervous about rocking such a dark lip, but quickly grew to love it.  Notice how she still looks soft, yet dramatic?  This lip definitely makes a statement that says: "I'm confident, fabulous, and I own my look.".

I also am wearing the same lip color.  I kept my eyes almost nude, and let the lip pseudo speak for itself. 

The lip color Cameo, and I are sporting is called, "Photo" with, "Chestnut" lip liner on top by M.A.C. Again, Keep your eye simple to avoid looking overdone.

Absolutely gorgeous! (Not my work, source: Pinterest)

Photo: I'm loving the color Brown for the Fall! Blog post coming tomorrow about adding this color to your palette! Can't wait! <3

Did you know that people often notice our hands before anything else?  For that reason, it is imperative to sport a well-manicured nail especially if you're a working professional.  The vampire shaped nails with jewels all over them is one of the latest trends---but there's something about keeping it classic that you can never go wrong with.  Normally I wear a nude, "Ballet Slipper" type of color, but decided to be daring with this chocolate toned polish.  Love the color? It's called, "Rapture".

Here are a few other examples of colors that are gorgeous.  Don't neglect your toesies too!

This palette by Bobbi Brown cosmetics is gorgeous, and honestly can work on all skin tones.  If you dip your brush in water, the colors will go on much more bold.  This palette is called: Tortoise Eyeshadow Palette in Sand.

Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Eye Palette 7 ^^^^^^. GORGEOUS!

I own this palette by Stila, and LOVE it.  There's beautiful hints of shimmer to it, and is so convenient for travel/organization.


 Even though it's Fall, you can still dust your face with a bit of beautiful bronzer to set the look off.  Nothing too much, but just subtle hints throughout.

Now, your turn! Get to your nearest cosmetic counter, and ask a beauty adviser to assist you in finding what is best for your skin tone.  Send me pics of you rocking something in chocolate, and I will feature you on my FB page.  (Make-up By MelissaRoshan).

Happy Fall!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

MelRo's Faves!

Hi everyone! I often get asked what are MY PERSONAL favorite make-up must haves? What do I use? What can you find in my own make-up kit? Well, I've decided to give you all a peek!

First off, the way I store my make-up, is in an extremely organized fashion. I used plastic drawer containers from Target, then label the outside of the drawer: Lips, eyes, face, etc.

Small Countertop Drawer - 6-pk.

I own two of these containers which probably comes as no surprise (wink) ;).  
Going through my top ten favorite make-up pieces, here they are!

I LOVE my Smashbox Studios liquid concealer! I love using a shade about two hues lighter than my skin tone to brighten, lighten, and give a nice refreshed look. I apply it around my eye area, and even on the brow bone.
tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Wear Blush

Tarte Cosmetics makes AMAZING organic blushes, and this particular color in, "Dollface" is gorgeous. 

I wasn't a huge bronzer fan until I started using bronzers! Ha! Now,  to define my cheekbones and get a little life back in my skin, I'll apply bronzer, and then a pinch of blush as an added bonus.

MAC also make a gorgeous mineralized skin finish that is gorgeous on the skin. I apply just a pinch to the apples of my cheeks if I have an event to go to, and it give a beautiful faux glow :). I would not recommend this product for extremely mature skin however.

Still haven't found a mascara that I love more than Benefit Cosmetics, "They're Real". This mascara lengthens, strengthens, separates, and adds fullness to my lashes. I apply two coats of this mascara, and it gives the look that I've applied false lashes. Yet, it still looks natural! :) I HIIIIIIIGHLY recommend this mascara!

One of my favorite palettes of all time is by Urban Decay Cosmetics. Their beautiful, "Naked Palettes". It has an array of colors I use! I own one in my professional kit, and of course my personal make-up collection.  Are these colors not lovely? :D

This is a GORGEOUS sheer lip color by Clinique Cosmetics called, "Air Kiss". I LOVE that it moisturizes, plumps, and gives a hint of color. I've loved this lip gloss since 1999! Back then, they used to sell it in a little pot. I like the wand concept now though. Very convenient, and sanitary!

I definitely have to have my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer! It gives a nice tint of color, while still allowing my natural skin to shine through. Tinted moisturizers are like face lotions with color.  It has an SPF of 30 which is an added bonus! No matter your skin color, we all need SPF, EVERYDAY! Even when cloudy!

LOVE my YSL Touche Eclat highlighting wand. It's different than a concealer in that it draws the light to the right areas on the face. It doesn't go underneath the eye, but rather in key places. I apply above my eyebrows, LIGHTLY down the middle of my nose, and on my cheeks.

Lastly, my favorite liquid liner at the moment (smile) is by Victorias Secret. I also like Kat VON D.'s eyeliner tattoo wand, but my mind instantly thought of my V.S. liner, so I decided to mention her :). 

That's all for now my friends! My prayer is that you ALL are well, peaceful, and happy! Thanks so much for reading, and I will be back soon!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Must Have's that are right under your nose! Your local drugstore!

Hi Lovelies!

I hope everyone is amazing, and well!  I'm sure we all can agree that with Spring being here, there's even more reasons for us to smile! Warmer weather, flowers blooming, puddle jumping, and such. II keep mentioning the fact that warm weather is here---someone is just a little excited, can you tell? SMILE. Love it!

I am so excited to be back again with another post.  As the title says, this month's post is highlighting some of my beauty faves, as well as industry faves that are actually located in your local drugstore.  

Believe me, I can get lost in Sephora all day, but if I am not careful, so can my budget.  That said, I've scoured the internet, as well as done my own research to find products that are comparable, if not better that are located at CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Duane Reade.  Often times, we believe that by spending more money, we must be getting the best of the best.  While this is partly true, it is not necessarily because of the content of the product.  What happens is, we're paying more for the experience, and the packaging.  Let's be honest, there's something about the elegant ambience of a SAKS cosmetics department as opposed to Aisle 9 of Walgreens.  You tend to feel prettier, catered to, and the presentation creates a better experience.

There is NOTHING wrong with this. I get it!  As a free-lance make-up artist, this was one of the major reasons I went into business for myself.  I wanted my clients to have a more calming environment than that of a store, didn't want them to feel pressured to buy, and I wanted them to feel catered to.  I wanted to provide stellar service by way of technique, and most importantly---- experience.  For most of us though, budgets are a factor, and even when they're not, saving is always in season!

That said, below you're going to find a few great beauty deals that not only will keep more money in your fabulous purse, but will also get you high qualities results.  By helping you put together your shopping list before-hand, this will allow you to bypass feeling overwhelmed, and get right to seamless shopping!  Hooray!

Aquaphor Healing Skin Ointment
Rather than spending an arm, or fabulous leg on expensive beauty creams, don't sleep on this product that has been on the market for years! Aquaphor is absolutely phenomenal! I slather this on my feet at night, and then wear socks while I sleep only to reveal baby soft heel skin in the morning.  Additionally, I apply it all over my body during the day, as I have found my skin to be a lot more dry as I have gotten older.  Let me add that this is a product that is to be used on the body skin rather than the face.  Finally, you'll love the fact that this cream is scentless, so it will not interfere with your favorite fragrance.  Awesome Sauce, right?

I will be honest and tell you that I am an avid fan of Origin's cleanser: "Checks and Balances", but as a back up, I LOVE Neutrogena's Oil Free Acne Wash. If you're prone to break-outs here and there, have normal to oily-skin, or just like the feeling of a squeaky clean face, I believe you'll fall in love with this cleanser as well.  Years ago, it came in a bar soap formula, but they've now put it into a bottle form which is much more sanitary :)

I own about four tubes of the Loreal Color Riche Lip Gloss, and it is amazing!  Not only does the color stay in place all day, but it has a plumping agent that keeps my lips pouty, moisturized, and beautiful.  Be careful though, they're addicting! You may end up with over five of these tubes!

Garnier's BB Cream is amazing as well!  BB Creams really help smooth out the skin before you actually apply your base on top.  For some people, (self included) I will often wear it on it's own like a tinted moisturizer.  I LOVE using Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizers, but in effort to save for that vacation to Bora Bora (smile) I've found a product that is equally phenomenal.

Neutrogena made my list again! So, I wasn't a believer in this product until I actually tried it.  I absolutely LOVE there shower gel for several reasons:

*Leaves my skin hydrated, and gorgeous.
*It smells fresh, pretty, and clean.  When showering, I feel as if I'm at a luxury spa
* Ding Ding Ding! It doesn't break my bank account! Yay!
*3-4 pumps in your loofah sponge is all you need, and you'll find that this shower gel will last easily for 3 months! Love it!

There are times when I just don't want my lips to appear too shiny, nor do I want the sticky/heavy feel that lip gloss can often give off.  That said? I LOVE Burt's Bees lip balm.  Organic, hypo-allerginic, and incredibly nourishing for the lips it is easily one of my favorite balms of all times.  Plus, it comes in a variety of hues if you prefer a little bit of color. Fabulous!

Recently, I was on a business trip in Atlanta, and forgot to pack my own favorite mascara (Benefit Cosmetics, "They're Real").  I had to hurry up, and find a solution before I started my day.  Lo and behold I found an amazing replacement, that I still am using after being home 2 months later! Maybelline's, "The Colossal" is incredibly amazing.  Just like with my department store brand mascara, it lengthens, separates, lifts, AND adds volume to my eyelashes without making them look like spider legs. LOVE THIS, and a few of my make-up artist friends do too!

I could go on, and on with this post, but I know you all have some shopping to do! :).  Let me know how you like the products I mentioned, as well as send me your suggestions of products you think should make the list in say, a part 2 post!  Until then, have an amazing month!  I will be back soon!


Friday, April 4, 2014

Update time!

Hello Beautiful, Beauties! I hope this finds you all in the best spirits ever! Welcome back!

Wellllllll, Spring time is here, and I don't know about you all, but I am SO glad it is! It's been a long, blistery cold Winter, and you can totally tell by my own starving make-up collection.  Honey, I haven't wanted to leave my home to stock up on new beauty products, because it's been THAT cold! Okay, okay..... Maybe not to THAT extreme, but I thought it sounded good for dramatic effort (smile). Plus, I certainly don't expect you to believe that I would go without a well stocked cabinet for ANY reason! Hee Hee! Now then, I have compiled a small list of a few must-haves that will take your Winter, "Hi's", to a fabulous Spring, "Well, hello there Dahhhling!".  Dig in, enjoy, then make a beeline to go update!

First off, we know that our skin changes right along with the seasons.  Over the Winter, a heavier moisturizer with sunscreen is appropriate.  For Spring, you can certainly think about lightening it up a bit. I highly recommend and currently use:

Seaberry face oil by, "Fresh" cosmetics.  You can apply this before a heavier moisturizer (just out of sheer preference) before your foundation/base (no it won't slide off as long as you apply sparingly) or by itself.  You can find this fabulous oil at your local Sephora, or online.

Here are the details:

A precious blend of pure oils packed with omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9 that absorb quickly to preserve a youthful appearance and provide 24-hour moisture.

Key ingredients:
- Omega 7 is known to enhance the skin's healing process, 3 helps calm and soothe and omegas 6 and 9 are known to improve elasticity, softness and smoothness.
- Seaberry oil, also known as seabuckthorn oil, a powerful antioxidant rich in all of the moisturizing omegas noted for protecting the skin from aging free radicals.
- Cranberry seed oil, packed with vitamin E to maintain skin's elasticity and smoothness.
- Camellia seed oil to help maintain soft, smooth and supple skin.
- Grapeseed oil to help maintain healthy hydration levels.

    Not only do we want to switch up our moisturizers, but I also highly recommend switching to a foundation/base that is either lighter in the way you apply it, or to a tinted moisturizer all together.  As the warmer weather approaches, don't be afraid to let your skin shine through. Even if you have more problematic skin ie; acne scarring, blemishes, etc... Let YOU shine through.  Resist the urge to conceal with heavy cake make-up.... Natural beauty (even with imperfections) is always in season.

    If you simply prefer a heavier coverage, go with a nice liquid foundation.  Either mix it with your moisturizer to tone coverage, or apply it with a fluffy kabuki brush in quick circular motions.  This will give you a beautiful, clean airbrushed look... You'll get the coverage you desire, without it being heavy.  No more make-up sponges, or even foundation brushes needed.


    MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid.  GREAT for more problematic skin! My clients tend to respond VERY well when I use this on them! Again, try applying it with your Kabuki brush, and diluting it with a little moisturizer (a cream, or lotion.  Not the Seaberry oil) for a softer finish.

    For tinted moisturizers, I am head-over-heels in love with Laura Mercier's brand.  Here are a couple of formulas I think you will love too.  While you totally can create one yourself (by mixing your foundation with moisturizer) sometimes already having it in a tube with moisturizer is much more convenient.

    Here is her oil free formula......

    She also has one that is more hydrating (not shown), or the illuminating one above (my favorite).  This gives you more of a dewy finish (which is my personal preference for my own self). Again, you can find most of these products at Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Saks Fifth Avenue, or Nordstroms.  I so want to read your feedback as well! If you love it, let me know!

    For color, don't be afraid to go lighter in your application (you will read me mentioning this a lot) as well as choosing colors that are brighter, and fresher.  The look this Spring is clean, natural, and much less severe. While a smoky eye is amazing, try going for brighter colors instead that will bring our your features.

    Aren't the new Bobbi Brown palettes amaze?! See the trend here? Lighter, natural, and pretty.

    For my darker hued Beauties, I can't get enough of the Queen Collection of Cover Girl for Spring! YUM! Bright, fresh, and pretty!

    Chanel Cosmetics Spring Collection

    Nars Blush...

    I HIGHHHHHLY recommend  my FAVORITE mascara of all time?? Brought to you by Benefit Cosmetics... It's called, "They're Real".  I think the name explains itself.

    Finally, don't neglect your brows, as they are what frame your face.  Instead of an extremely dark brow, consider going one shade lighter that your hair color to soften the look.  I'm a huge fan of Anastasia Brows.  She has a line of pencils, brow gels, powders, and highlighters specifically for the brow.  Plus, she includes tutorials in her product to take the guesswork out.

    Well my Loves, thank you so very much for reading along with me again. I hope you found this post helpful, and that it starts you on your way to an updated, refreshed look!  I will be back soon with a part 2 :).  Until then, shine your light, and stay beautiful!