Thursday, October 22, 2009

The insurance policy we need!

I am head-over-heels in love with this new product by Too Faced Cosmetics. Too Faced Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer .35 fl oz (11 g)

I use this on all of my bridal clientele, as the goal is to have her, and the bridal parties eyeshadow fade proof. I just apply a minimal amount, let it set, and apply color. One tube lasts me about 35 pairs of eyes, and at the price of $17.00, who can beat that? Additional benefits:
  • Unique Binders: Volatiles lock down eye shadow pigments for amazingly long wear.
  • Versatility Galore: Use with powder or cream eye shadow products.
  • Reliable Beauty: Anti-creasing formula holds eye products in place.
  • Concentrated: The size of a rain drop covers the entire lid.
This product is definitely a beauty product must have! Enjoy gorgeous gals!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Recessionista Alert! Great beauty product!

Welcome back gorgeous gals! This may shock you, but a huge part of my beauty staple involves (clears throat).. Vaseline. Yes chicas, it is true. This inexpensive rich emollient works wonders.

One way I use this, is as a foot cream. After bathing, I slough my feet with a pumice stone. Next, I slather on a large amount of Vaseline to each foot, and then wear socks overnight. I wake up to incredibly soft un-calloused feet! By doing this, your prolonging that pedicure, or just maintaining soft tootsies.

Having clean nails is a must for me for many reasons. One, when I work with clients, my hands are one of the first things they notice. Additionally, I am offered a lot of modeling jobs that require my hands to be shown. I just apply Vaseline around my cuticles to keep them soft, and supple.

Here I am, showcasing my hands...

I like to keep a trial size jar in my purse, and use it for my lips. Did you know when you lick your lips, you are depleting moisture from them? I love using Vaseline to keep cracked lips at bay.

I also loooove using Vaseline on photoshoots for my models, but use it on myself as well. I just apply a quarter size to each leg, and it provides a gorgeous sheen that elongates the legs.

I have attached a video from the lovely Tyra Banks. Here is her tribute to Vaselines wonders:

I get a kick out of Tyra! Well ladies, hopefully I have convinced you to go out and get your jar! Happy day to you!