Monday, January 31, 2011

How fun!

While stocking up on much needed supplies at Sephora, I came across a really cute eye shadow palette from Stila Cosmetics. It's called, Stila Barbie Loves Stila Talking Palette ($72 Value)

Barbie Loves Stila Talking Palette ($72 Value)Barbie Loves Stila Paint Can - 1980 Foxy Doll

I remember spending hours as a little girl playing with Barbie, and admiring her vibrant out to there makeup. I still to this day, stop and gaze at the dolls in their boxes thinking, "Gosh, I would love to find that candy pink color you have near your brow bone, Miss Princess Barbie"....

Of course, I was absolutely thrilled when I saw this sitting on the shelf! I immediately picked this product up, and began to play. The colors go on wet, or dry, and have a hint of sparkle in each one. I recommend this product for all the makeup lovers out there. Have fun with it!

Here is a Mac Cosmetics Ad. Their artists created this amazing look!

My gracious model Sarah, before. And after. We had so much fun!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to achieve the perfect manicure at home!

Does the economy have you cutting back on trips to the nail salon? Or do you just prefer to do your nails on your own comfy couch?

Make your manicure your designated “me time” and enjoy the quiet time alone; or grab your favorite DVDs and invite your girlfriends over for a manicure party at your place.

Prep Yourself:

There’s nothing like digging through your bathroom drawers to ruin your manicure. Make sure all your tools are lined up before you begin. Protect your workspace from any spills with towels. Most important: Make sure your polish is in good shape. I know it seems old fashioned, but refrigerating your polish will keep it fresh, and gorgeous.

  • 100% cotton balls
  • Nail polish remover
  • Nail files
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Towels
  • One small bowl of warm water
  • Good lighting

Go Bare:

Use 100% cotton balls and acetone-free nail polish remover to slip back into your natural shade. Synthetic cotton balls and wadded-up toilet paper need not apply. Quality cotton balls will remove your polish more efficiently. For the best results, soak the cotton ball with remover, then gently remove all layers of color or treatment with a gentle back and forth motion.

Soften Up:

Even if your cuticles aren’t dry and cracking, they still need a little TLC. Massage hands with Sally Hands Cuticle Remover:

After soaking for five minutes, take your cuticle stick, and dip one end of the stick in water, then wrap the end with cotton. Gently push back your cuticles using the cotton-wrapped cuticle stick.

Rank and File:

Next, use a nail buffer. Most nail buffers have numbers on each side, so you know what to start, and end with.

This will give you a smooth, shiny, even finish. It also promotes nail growth!Follow up with your hand scrub, to slough away dead skin cells. Your regular body scrub will do just fine, or I love the Crab Tree Evelyn scrub.

Dry your hands completely, and now file. I prefer a square shape, you may prefer oval. Give both a try!

Get Polished:

Before you start painting, you’ll need a blank canvas. Make sure your nails are free from excess oils and creams to ensure that your polish stays put. I use a ridge filler so that the polish goes on smoother. It acts as a primer.

You don’t have to be Picasso to turn your nails into a masterpiece. Don’t over-apply. Three strokes is all it takes! One in the middle and one on each side ensures a perfect application. Polish that is too thick is likely to smudge when wet, or peel, once dry.

I personally love, and have used for years, Essie Nail Polish
polishes. My favorite is, 'Ballet Slippers' for a classy clean look.

Extra Credit:

Maintenance is a must for making your manicures last, so nourish and protect them! The Burts Bee's cuticle cream is amazing, and don't forget your Clarins Hand & Nail Treatment Cream

Enjoy gorgeous gals!