Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Year, New You---but no, really this time!

Hello Love Lambs!

Happy New Year, and Happy almost Spring to you all! First, my hope, and prayer is that you all have an amazing new personal year of growth, love, beauty, and all things awesome! Next, let me just say that I KNOW we've all said that at the top of the year, we'd be making x, y, z changes, but sadly, and quite honestly, we never stay committed to following through with them.   By month 2, we've fallen off. Trust me. I GET IT, as I've been guilty of this before.

This year however, is the year that I am personally staying committed to all the things I said that I would do, plus more! Normally my posts on this blog are more about beauty, but I will share with you some of my goals with the hope that it will inspire you all to stay committed to your own. Heck, we may even have the same one's, and this just happens to be your confirmation! :).  Read on:


I've seen this photo pop up on other weight loss sites plenty of times suggesting I used their gimmick, pill, or LIE! (smile). Ahhhh, the joys of the internet, right? The truth is, that I made the choice to Eat Clean, and that is what allowed me to lose 74 pounds, and keep it off.  My commitment this year, is to stay on this path of clean eating, clean living, and making certain my heart stays clean as well.  In other words, while I don't consume toxic food, I also will not allow toxic thoughts to inhabit my being.  Sometimes, it is so EASY to slack.  Slacking has disastrous results however. Again, TRUST me! I speak from experience! So yes. I plan to continue on the path of taking great care of myself.  No sugar, no dairy, no fried foods, no alcohol, no binge eating. Yes to energy. Yes to looking fabulous in my cloths.  Yes to less doctor visits. Yes to operating on 10 in all that I do.  Healthy living works Friends!


Okay, so we see a book here with no title right? What's that business about you ask? Welllllllllll, my Loves, this "blankness" represents my soon coming, and long overdue memoir.  Many people that work with me, only know that I am a make-up artist, and depending on the job, a model.  What many don't know, is that I am a public speaker, but most importantly, a survivor.  I've lived in many different foster homes, survived a tumultuous childhood past, met both of my birth parents recently, and have also been blessed to do some pretty amazing things throughout my life.  There is no way that I could keep the experience, and/or lessons to myself.  My purpose in life, is to give back to others by way of speaking about my story, but also this book.  I work quite a bit in my community, and the women/youth that I have had the pleasure of meeting inspired me to share.  It hasn't been an easy process. Opening my heart, writing, reliving, and healing was brutal at times. Plus, I am a mom, and a entrepreneur doing it on my own. However, the time is here! While I LOVE doing make-up, and I LOVE modeling, I do have to stay true to my purpose.  Book is around the corner :) I am committed to my purpose.

3. I LOVE smiling authentically, and being happy. I'm committed to staying in this space.  How often do we all compromise, extend, bend, and ultimately find ourselves depleted? For me? Plenty of times, and it has been disastrous every time. I've been hurt, the other party has been hurt----no bueno all the way around. I'm learning, and forcing myself to say no with love.  Letting go of wrongdoings, trespasses, and the past. My smile is my best accessory----I don't want to lose it. I won't lose it. I'm committed to my happiness.

4. Foot care, foot care, f-o-o-t c-a-r-e! I am in my 30's now, and while that is still young, I am mindful about aging, and everything that comes with aging.  That said? Dry feet.  I stand on my feet majority of the day, and if I am standing in heels? Forget it.  My heels become cracked, dry, and just horrid. I am committed to taking great care of my feet with no slack.  I do get pedicures once a month on average, twice if business is going well (smile). However, every night I moisturize my, "tootsies", and use a Ped Egg/Pumice stone about three times a week.  My feet feel better, look better, and as a result? I feel better.  I definitely encourage you all to not neglect your feet, or hands for that matter.  I've done quite a bit of hand modeling, and honestly what the clients look for are hands with no age spots, even skin tone, a great nail bed, and clean cuticles.  When we take care of ourselves, ourselves in turn take care of us.

5. Yoga. Whew! I honestly was encouraged to start doing this amazing form of fitness by a model friend, and also by mogul Russell Simmons.  After a chance meeting with him in New York, not only did I learn how to meditate, BUT, he also encouraged me to start doing Yoga to better my quality of life.  I've started, and am staying committed to this new way of life.

Well Friends, these are my top 5,  but of course there are more. OMG, if I shared them all with you, it would require about 20 minutes more of reading time for you---smile.  I'm keeping it short, and simple.  Listen, all we have is NOW. Not even 5 seconds are promised from the very moment you're in.  Live it healthily, fabulously, and at your best. Thank you so much for reading, and I will be back soon!