Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fall Yummies!

Hello Beauties!

I hope that everyone is full of cider, pumpkin pie, and happiness!  Fall is one of my favorite seasons for a multitude of reasons!  The leaves, the change in climate, no more allergies, annnnnnnnnd more of a romantic palette for my make-up collection. :)

This Fall season in particular, I am totally loving the color Brown---but let's call it chocolate as it sounds a bit fancier :).  I've been incorporating chocolate lip colors, nails, beautiful warm toned eye-shadows, bronzed cheeks, and such.  It is a color that I find looks good on everyone---as long as it's the right shade of course.  Below, I've included a few of my faves, as well as examples of variations of the tones.  Be brave, and consider trying it for yourselves!

Here is a before, and after of a beauty I made over using warm chocolate tones.  Initially, she was nervous about rocking such a dark lip, but quickly grew to love it.  Notice how she still looks soft, yet dramatic?  This lip definitely makes a statement that says: "I'm confident, fabulous, and I own my look.".

I also am wearing the same lip color.  I kept my eyes almost nude, and let the lip pseudo speak for itself. 

The lip color Cameo, and I are sporting is called, "Photo" with, "Chestnut" lip liner on top by M.A.C. Again, Keep your eye simple to avoid looking overdone.

Absolutely gorgeous! (Not my work, source: Pinterest)

Photo: I'm loving the color Brown for the Fall! Blog post coming tomorrow about adding this color to your palette! Can't wait! <3

Did you know that people often notice our hands before anything else?  For that reason, it is imperative to sport a well-manicured nail especially if you're a working professional.  The vampire shaped nails with jewels all over them is one of the latest trends---but there's something about keeping it classic that you can never go wrong with.  Normally I wear a nude, "Ballet Slipper" type of color, but decided to be daring with this chocolate toned polish.  Love the color? It's called, "Rapture".

Here are a few other examples of colors that are gorgeous.  Don't neglect your toesies too!

This palette by Bobbi Brown cosmetics is gorgeous, and honestly can work on all skin tones.  If you dip your brush in water, the colors will go on much more bold.  This palette is called: Tortoise Eyeshadow Palette in Sand.

Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Eye Palette 7 ^^^^^^. GORGEOUS!

I own this palette by Stila, and LOVE it.  There's beautiful hints of shimmer to it, and is so convenient for travel/organization.


 Even though it's Fall, you can still dust your face with a bit of beautiful bronzer to set the look off.  Nothing too much, but just subtle hints throughout.

Now, your turn! Get to your nearest cosmetic counter, and ask a beauty adviser to assist you in finding what is best for your skin tone.  Send me pics of you rocking something in chocolate, and I will feature you on my FB page.  (Make-up By MelissaRoshan).

Happy Fall!