Saturday, April 25, 2009

Great Spring Reads!

Hello cookies! With wedding season here, I have been away for longer than I would like, but it's great to be back! (smile)

As promised, I have several books that I would like to recommend to add to your personal library. You will love these books, I guarantee it! I always love hearing your own personal reviews of the books, so please feel free to contact me.

First, I bring you a great fiction read by Dean R. Koontz:

Cover image for By the Light of the Moon<script language=
This book is absolutely touching, and amazing. It is a story that follows the journey of two brothers, (one autistic, but brilliant), and their will to stick together despite the loss of their mother. I don't want to give too much away, but trust me on this---this book is a must read!
I had the pleasure of meeting celebrity make-up artist, and Tyra Banks bff, Sam Fine years ago. He not only inspired me to model professionally, but also to freelance as a make-up artist. In his book, 'Fine Beauty' he shares many tricks of the trade through an array of amazing pictorials. Love it!
The late Kevin Aucoin was an amazing celebrity make-up artist that passed away from a brain tumor. The legacy he left behind, was powerful. Not only his own cosmetic line, but this is one of his first books. Again, fabulous pictorials, testimonials, and celebrity make-overs.
Part of my job is too understand all women, and their beauty related needs/concerns. I purchased, 'How Not To Look Old', to gain more of an understanding, and sensitivity for my "graceful" clientele. Charla Krupp breaks down everything from clothing to eye-wear, hair color, make-up, and more. This is a must have read for everyone thirty five years of age, and above! Heck, I even learned a thing or too :)
Okay, I am not a finatic, but this book changed my life. I am now a proud Vegetarian, aka Veggie Gal. I never thought that I would make, "the switch", but after reading such a straight forward fact based book on the meat industry in our country, I knew this change was right for my life. Who knew of all the "icky stuff" the government allows in our food? I am proud to say, since I made the switch, I have lost twenty one pounds, gained more energy, and I feel better about my decision from an environmental/animal rights stand point. If your not interested in changing to the "Veg" lifestyle, still read this book, and learn of ways you can, at minimum, become healthier.
The last book I bring you 'Toxic Overload', breaks down everything from harmful chemicals in everyday household cleaners, to chemical in cosmetics, etc. Did you know that many people are ill simply due to a "toxic overload?".. This is a must read if you wish to be healthier...

Stay tuned! On my next posting, I will bring you my first, "Gorgeous Guy" alert!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Gorgeous gal alert!

I love posting 'Gorgeous Gal Alerts'. I had the pleasure of working with the gorgeous Shannon who lives in Chicago, but is originally from Worthington. Shannon wanted a look that was timeless, and beautiful for her wedding. She has such amazing eyes, and skin, that I couldn't WAIT to do her make-up. While she got ready, her and I chatted about Chicago, our love of make-up, and about the details of her special day. All of the images were photographed by the amazing Amanda Julca: Isn't her work phenomenal?

Here we are, finishing up last minute touch ups. I really wanted to play up Shannon's eyes, give her gorgeous highlighted skin, and a soft kissable lip that her new hubby would appreciate.

Look at the definition on her eyes! I used thick strip lashes to really give her more, 'wow factor'.

Isn't she a vision?

I love Amanda Julca's attention to detail! Don't you?

Stay tuned tootsies! On my next post, I will be featuring must-have-reads for your Summer vacation!

Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm featured on event planner, Emilie Duncans Blog!

Here is the fabulous Emilie Duncan! Hair, and make-up by moi!

I am so excited to be featured on wedding planner: Emilie Duncan Event Planning's blog today. I had the pleasure of working with Emilie for headshots she needed, and our professional relationship began. Emilie is incredibly professional, but it is balanced out with her down to earth spirit. She features vendors occasionally on her blog for 'Vendor Conversations'. It really allows brides to get to know who vendors are underneath their professions. My before/after work that is featured was done by the fabulous photographers: Read on!

Vendor Conversations: Makeup by MelissaRoshan

By way of intro for MelissaRoshan, I will just re-post what I said after she did my makeup for my new headshots:
“She did an amazing job and for me to say that is a big deal - I never think makeup looks good on me but she even did some fun false lashes and still managed to make me look like myself. Exactly what I was hoping for!”

Business Name: Makeup By MelissaRoshan
Name: MelissaRoshan
Phone Number: 614-282-8197
Email Address: makeup {@} melissaroshan {dot} com
Website Address:
Blog Address:

How did you get started doing makeup professionally?
I started out in Seattle, Washington as a cosmetic counter manager for Borghese Cosmetics, an Italian line. I gained further experience as a professional commercial print model.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?
Seeing my clients faces light up after I have done their make-up. I really feel that I can bring a sense of joy with a whip of my make-up brush.

What is your specialty?
Providing flawless pretty make-up that looks like you, but enhanced.

What is the starting price point for makeup for a wedding and what is included (trial, travel fees, etc.)?
My rates are as follows:
$55.00 make-up trial run. Includes extensive consultation, and full make-up.
$110.00 Bridal make-up fee. Includes lashes in either strip, or individuals. Stay-proof water proof make-up, and mini touch up lip gloss
$55.00 per bridesmaid. Includes stay-proof make-up, and a mini touch up lip gloss
$45.00 mother of the bride/mother of the groom

Anything else we should know about your company?
My philosophy has always to make each client look like herself, only flawless, and enhanced. I have a service gurantee that promises each, and every client will be happy with my work. I put my heart, and soul into my work, and convey this through my work.

Childhood ambition?
To be a singer, dancer, and actress. I accomplished all three. I am the lead singer in my families Rock Band on Playstation 3. I dance all the time for my children, and actually like to breakdance. I’m always acting out silly puppet shows for my children, nieces, and nephews. Stay tuned for the dvd! (joking)

Favorite beauty tool?
By far, I love my Shu Uemera eyelash curler.

Dream vacation?
St. Tropez. I have a post card on my refrigerator with St. Tropez’s beach on the front. Whenever I get stressed out, I gaze at this post card, and imagine myself there.

Something in your beauty toolbox that might surprise us?
I have mini electrical fan. This is perfect for drying eye-makeup, or the client who may have a hot flash from seeing how beautiful she looked after I am done with her!

Last time you laughed until it hurt?
Listening to my son sing Lady Ga-Ga with such conviction…

Personal lipstick shade?
‘Almost There’ by Trish-Mcevoy

Last thing you bought?
A ‘Stop Wars’ t-shirt from

Hidden talent?
I can hula-hoop non stop for like, thirty minutes!

Can’t live without?
My family, my blackberry

Favorite quote?
One can never consent to creep, when one feels an impulse to soar”

Best compliment ever received?
Your the best make-up artist I have ever met. This compliment was given by actress Mira Sorvino when I lived in New York City.

If you weren’t a makeup artist, what would you be?
A veternarian

Finally, tell us your absolute favorite makeup/beauty tip…
To find your proper blush tone, simply squeeze the tips of your fingers. This is your natural blush tone. Or, take a peek at the inside of your cheeks.. This is also your natural blush tone. So the next time you go to a make-up counter, squeeze your finger tips, and inform the counter girl you’re not giving blood—you need a new blush!

Please share a few of your favorite before and after pictures of brides…

MelissaRoshan Before