Monday, January 31, 2011

How fun!

While stocking up on much needed supplies at Sephora, I came across a really cute eye shadow palette from Stila Cosmetics. It's called, Stila Barbie Loves Stila Talking Palette ($72 Value)

Barbie Loves Stila Talking Palette ($72 Value)Barbie Loves Stila Paint Can - 1980 Foxy Doll

I remember spending hours as a little girl playing with Barbie, and admiring her vibrant out to there makeup. I still to this day, stop and gaze at the dolls in their boxes thinking, "Gosh, I would love to find that candy pink color you have near your brow bone, Miss Princess Barbie"....

Of course, I was absolutely thrilled when I saw this sitting on the shelf! I immediately picked this product up, and began to play. The colors go on wet, or dry, and have a hint of sparkle in each one. I recommend this product for all the makeup lovers out there. Have fun with it!

Here is a Mac Cosmetics Ad. Their artists created this amazing look!

My gracious model Sarah, before. And after. We had so much fun!