Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gorgeous Guy Alert!

Hello Fab Chicas! I hope you all are having a wonderful summer :) Wedding season is upon us, so I am not able to post as much as I would like. I do promise however, to make every post worth the wait, Dolls! :) I bring to you two, "Gorgeous Guy Alerts". I had the pleasure of working with two terrific Heyman Talent Models a couple weeks ago. I had a blast, and they look, GORGEOUS :)

Special thanks to Shannon Williams Photography. The baddest photog around :)

The first model I bring you is Jay Davis. Jay is such a ray-of-sunshine to work with. Very humble, and unaware of his handsomness :)
Ladies, can you believe an innocent face like this belongs to a boxer? Yes! He is :)

For Jay, I chose to stick with light, and natural. I started off by professionally grooming his brows, a wonderful concealer stick by Bobbi Brown, Mac Select Sheer powder, and Burts Bees chapstick. It is my own personal belief that every guy should maintain a well groomed brow. It takes years off of him by, "opening the eye", and is very elegant.

Our next model is Tony Banks. Tony is also a gem to work with. A true gentlemen, soft spoken, but hilarious. Even while I groomed his eyebrows, he stayed ever calm, and gentle :) Don't let those puppy dog eyes fool you. Tony is a Black Belt in Martial Arts!!!!!! I used the same products as mentioned above for Jay, but in the appropriate colors :)

Again, thanks again to Shannon Williams for the fabulous pictures :) It is always a pleasure working with him!

Hope all is well everyone! I am off to prep for a modeling job for Wendys!!!!!!!!!!!!