Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Palettes Part 2.

Love lambs! As promised, I'm back with the second half of my make-up palette favs.  One post just wasn't enough, and I didn't want to over-crowd you with too much :). In my last post, I covered my eyeshadow palette favs, however in this post I will highlight lips, sets, as well as a few shadows. XOXO

I can't say enough about the Too Faced Cosmetics, "Natural Kiss" palette.  There is a shade for everyone, and to be honest, everyone can wear every color--yes, really.  Whether you pair it up with something else, (say a gloss, or lip liner) it's the perfect neutral palette for your collection. For all my make-up artists that work with the bridal clientele, you'll love this! Found at Sephora...

Speaking of Sephora, check out their Harmony Gloss 3 set.  It's so pretty!!!!! I purchased, two. :) 

Stila - Lovely In London Travel Palette 
I'm TOTALLY digging this Stila set... ALL of the colors can be used on the eyes, cheeks, and lips.  LOVE IT! If you go to, they sometimes have free shipping on orders over $20.00.  Score!!!!!!!

I about flipped when I saw this Lorac Pro set at Sephora.  I purchased three as I KNOW I will use these up... The color quality is PHENOMENAL. From the most natural eye, to the smokiest of smoking hot-----this is def one of the favs.

Smashbox - Cream Eye Liner PaletteI have a feeling my make-up artist friends out there are going to LOVE Smashbox Studios creme liner set. It's equipped with a precision brush, and the pigments are out of this world gorgeous. If you spend $50.00 or more in product on, you'll get three deluxe samples. I don't think that will be difficult, smile.

 Told you it wouldn't be difficult.. This is Smashbox Studios, "Shades of Fame" palette.  It's equipped with 9 shadows, 2 creme liners, and a lid primer.  Haven't the foggiest where you would use the colors? There's a how-to-guide to help you out. SMOKING!

10 Color Professional Blush PaletteI couldn't forget about this palette from It's not top of the line, but for photo shoots, it's awesome (for all my artists out there) The colors are beautiful, go on well, and the price point is under $20.00----nice, right?
Well, I SOOOO appreciate you all reading, you make me so happy with your feedback. CHEESE! I'll be back very soon! My next post, is in regards to a book that changed my life. I promise you'll love it.