Friday, November 13, 2009

Let's give her a hand!

Hands tell you a number of things about yourself. Hands tell you how you lead your life and how you take care of your body and skin. It is said that the hands tell you how old a woman is. No matter how old you are, your hands tell an observer a lot about yourself as a person.

You can be dressed to the nines, but if your hands are dry, cracked, have visible hang nails, this can be your biggest fashion faux pas !!!!

Hands play an important role in communication. Imagine what life would be like without your hands. It is a part of the body that you use the most, you cook with them, get dressed with them, write with them, empathize with them and shake others hands when you meet them. Take good care of your hands and treat them well as they are essential for your existence, and they make great accessories!

Here are few hand care tips:
  • The skin on your hand is thin and delicate; therefore take special care of them.
  • Moisturize your hands at least four times a day.
  • For dry hands after washing your hands with soap, wet them again. Pour salt on your hands and then scrub them under water. Dry hands and apply moisturizer on them.
  • Wear rubber gloves while working at home and in the garden.
  • Protect and prevent your hands from aging and abuse.
  • Protect your hands from the ravages of changing weather.
  • Protect your hands while working in the sun.
  • The best way to take care of your hands is to protect them on a daily basis.
I love to use Clarins Hand & Nail Treatment Cream
It really does protect, moisturize, and promote strong nails.

About once a week, I slough my hands with an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells. This is so important for brides-to-be, as you will be wearing that ring soon!!!!!!

Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Hand Therapy 3.4 fl oz (100 ml)

Stay tune gorgeous gals! I will be sharing great tips on how to achieve the perfect manicure at home soon! Ciao bellas!