Friday, November 13, 2009

Play time!
I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove eyeshadows, and literally could spend all day scouring stores for fabulous shades! I have included some of the best palettes on the market for you all!
This puppy above is found at: The shadows are about the size of a dime, and can be applied wet, or dry. $24.99!!!!!!!!!

kvdpalettes.jpg image by jennthestrange

The fabulous tattoo artist Kat Von D has her own line of make-up now. LOVE. You can find all of her collection at my favorite place, Sephora. $48.00 per palette.

Look at these vibrant, delicious puppies by Make-up Forever! Sephora as well! $38.00

eyecouture1.jpg image by cemikese

If you are a client of moi, you know I love my organic make-up by Tarte Cosmetics. I own every palette. Love the packaging, array of colors, and the it is eco friendly! How sexy! $48.00
This little hot number is called a eyeshadow quad. The colors are so electric, my mouth is watering! Cover Girl Dolls! $4.99!!!!!!

You know I can't leave out my beloved Bobbi Brown! Her palettes are equipped with an applicator brush. LOVE! $60.00

Want a sunkissed re-freshed look? This Stila Cosmetic palette is divine! $28.99

Love me some Trish dahhhhhlings. How brilliant it is that she actually formulates her products to fit in a planner! Each page is customized with your own color. Now is that fabulous, or what?????
Can you tell me what are some of your favorite palette finds?