Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dull & Uneven Skin?

As you go about your daily business, your skin is going about its own. Skin cells that have been around for about 25 days are starting to shed, making room for the new skin cells that will be taking their place. Sometimes the old skin cells remain attached to the surface of your skin, which can create challenges for the new skin: blackheads, whiteheads, rough texture, or an uneven appearance of the skin tone.

When the natural process of shedding the dead, dry skin cells doesn't work, you need to step in and help it along. Keeping the skin exfoliated helps ensure that your other skin care products, like serums and moisturizers, are more effective. When they don't have to penetrate a layer of dead skin cells, they can target the new skin cells, which is where they need to work.

A product I have used for years, and LOVE is by a line called Strivectin.

It really is a super-exfoliator, but very gentle. It has made my skin pimple free, and baby smooth for years. When applied nightly, the Overnight Facial Resurfacing Serum gently, and effectively corrects multiple surface signs of aging while you sleep---truly! You see, when we sleep, our body is a RESTorative process.

The bottle retails at about $59.00, and you can buy it directly through the company's website, or at my favorite place, Sephora.

If you want vibrant, luminous, skin this product is truly a must-have. Additionally, if your pores are large, you have dry skin flakes, or your skin color is uneven, you will find that this product can turn your skin around.

Make-up can only do so much, and by caking foundations, powders, concealers to cover your skin imperfections is the fastest way to create more issues! I always tell my brides that to really get that beautiful, healthy glow on her special day, the goal is to start off with a fresh palette. Let the make-up enhance what is already there :)

Well, big hugs Cookies! I'll be back very soon :)