Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dry Skin Brushing!

Happy Saturday fabulous women!!!!!!!

Today, I wanted to share with you a wonderful way to detoxify your body, reduce cellulite (yay!!!!), and improve circulation.

Dry skin brushing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I first learned of Dry skin brushing, when I lived in New York City, and worked for a day spa. I was initially intimidated by such a thought. How painful, and silly was this? Well, dolls, dry skin brushing is not painful at all! Quite the contrary! Dry skin brushing is soothing, and relaxing.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is the one that shields the entire body from harm. And with the harmful elements in our environment, there is a lot of stress on your skin which can lead to dry body skin. The wrong pH levels from creams, soaps, facial wash and the like can harm the skin. But with the advanced technology and science there are a lot of ways on how to treat this problem. There are also natural ways that can help you keep your skin healthy and one of these is dry skin brushing.

Dry skin brushing is a technique that will helps the lymph system to get rid of toxins or dirt that is collected in the lymph glands. It will help open the pores so the metabolic wastes can be removed from the body. It has been said that it helps the skin to become healthier.

The benefits of dry skin brushing are:

1. Gets rid of cellulite
2. Helps tighten the skin. This technique helps in increasing the flow of blood that decreases cellulite appearance. The skin brushing will get rid of the old layer of the skin and the new layer will resurface that result to a smoother skin.
3. Circulation of the blood is stimulated.
4. Immune system is strengthened. Decreases the chances of infection and increases the disposal of body toxins.
5. Gets rid of dead skin cells.
6. Cleanses the lymphatic system.
7. Tones the muscle. Through this technique, it stimulates the nerve endings. This leads to the activation of individual muscle fibers.
8. Function of the nervous system is improved.
9. Aids in proper digestion. The skin will absorb more nutrients since the pores are not anymore clogged with dirt and other toxins. A healthy skin also contributes to the entire body health. When brushing the skin pores will tend to open making it easier to remove the dirt.
10. Stimulates oil glands and hormones. This will help the other body organs to function properly. When there is no way out for the toxins through the skin, the elimination is then forced to the kidney.

In order to perform dry skin brushing, one would need a natural fiber brush. A synthetic brush is not recommended for it can be very hard on the skin. It is better to have a long handle so you can reach areas that are hard to reach.

Here are some tips on how to perform dry skin brushing:

1. When doing this, the body must not be wet. Skin brushing must be done before bathing or taking a shower.
2. It does not matter where you start brushing for as long as the entire body is taken care of.
3. Light pressure should be applied where the skin is sensitive. Harder pressure must be applied on the soles of the feet.
4. Perform is once a day preferably in the morning.
5. Of course, when some areas are affected with rashes or wounds do not apply skin brushing.

I always recommend starting down at the feet, and working your way up towards the heart. Do this in even, soothing strokes. Avoid your face, as the bristles can irritate delicate skin.
You can find a dry skin brush and Bed Bath and Beyond, Bath and Body Works, Sally Beauty Supply, and Target. No need to wash the brush! Just spray it occasionally with tea tree spray!
Maintain a daily dry brushing routine for at least 5 months to achieve maximum results. You should notice improvement in your hair and skin in general.

Enjoy, and please start today!!!!!!! I have been dry skin brushing for years, have two children, and not a dimple on my thighs in sight! It works!!!!!