Monday, June 1, 2009

Gorgeous Gal Alert!

I had the pleasure of working with two fabulous photographers in town! Amanda Julca:, and Amy C. of C Studios: This is my second time working with Amanda, and believe me, each time is an honor. I have always admired Amy, and so this was a true blessing.

Amy was in need of new headshots for her website, I in need of a gorgeous red-head gal for my site, and Amanda needing new shots as well. I had so much fun working with both women. They are so very talented, the brides LOVE them, and Amy is gorgeous!

The look Amy wanted to go for, was "vintage-mod".. This conjured up thoughts for me of Twiggy, Audrey, and other greats..
I immediately translated this into a "Amy friendly" look. Played up eyes, and a nuetral lip.

Wanted to acheive this look? Apply a nice tinted moisturizer by Clarins..
A thick liner in charcoal was applied, by Prestige cosmetics. Two coats of mascara, false lashes, and a nude lipstick! Voila!

Kisses tootsie pops,