Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beach Bag Buys! All under $25.00!!!!!

Hey chicas!!!!!! If you have left Columbus, and you are in the heat, (smile) here are great beauty buys to keep you looking sizzlin' hot!!!!!

No matter what your hair type is, everyone needs SPF 15 at minimum for their hair. Try Miss Oops Block Your Locks Finishing Spray:
Need to freshen up? Spritz your toes, under arms, declotee.. Anywhere you want to smell fresh with: 'Dove Go Fresh Body Mist'. My personal fav is, 'Burst'.. It smells of fresh nectarines.
Need an instant pick-me-up? Whether your on the beach, or in your office, I love this trick. Fill an empty spray bottle with your favorite skin toner. Refrigerate, and lightly spritz your face. Don't worry, your make-up won't budge. Just hold above your face about eight inches, close your eyes.. Inhale positive energy.. Exhale negative.. Now, spritz. Don't you feel better?

I absolutely love to use this next product when I feel slugglish... It really helps me get going before an early morning wedding, or photoshoot. 'Lumene Time Freeze Instant Cooling Eye Stick'. You just apply this underneath your lower lashes for an instant refresher..

I am someone who can perspire very easily. If you are like me, and don't want to worry about not being as fresh as possible, try, 'Secret Clinical Strength'. I sometimes work on twelve hour shoots, and this deoderant has never failed me, even when I am at my most hormonal! ;)
The last product I bring you, is Clarins Sunblock. I have used their products for years, and LOVE THEM! They are derived from natural plant extracts, smell wonderful, and provide the coverage we need!

That's all for now cookies! I can't wait to share another, 'Who's That Girl' post!

Love, Love,