Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gorgeous Guy Alert!

Hi ladies! I am back with another, 'Gorgeous Guy Alert'. :) I always start off by saying I haven't met a man that can even hold a candle to my hubby (smile), but I do love to post these :)
The model I bring you today is: Adam Stone of Heyman Talent Modeling Agency. Adam is a professional model, and is definitely what you call, "tall, dark, and handsome".. Adam needed pictures for his modeling portfolio, and quickly called on me for wardrobe, hair, and make-up. It was a great pleasure working with him.

The wonderful Shannon Williams Photography provided pictures, which you will see below. Ladies, would you like your guy to have a well groomed look? I highly recommend getting him on a great skin care regime, followed up by a well groomed brow, concealer such as :, and great hair.

Even for the biggest 'guys guy', following these steps will give your beau added confidence, and his look will be one you can appreciate!

For Adam, I groomed his brows, applied concealer, tinted moisturizer, and Bed Head products to his hair.

Here is Adam before:

And After. Do you see what a basic brow shaping can do?:

That's for now tootsie pops! Hope you all are enjoying this wonderful weather!