Monday, May 25, 2009

Grandma was right!

I could not possibly be the only gal out there who fondly remembers watching her grandmother do the, "strangest faces" in the mirror every night :) Grandma was on to something. Facial exercises have been around for centuries, and have amazing benefits! Plus, I am all about saving you money.. This is perfectly free!

The Facial Map

Here we have the anatomy of the face. Below is more information on how the muscles all work together:

You should work all the muscle groups of the face so that the toning up and building up of facial muscles will be symmetrical. These are the muscle groups you'll be working on:

  • The muscles that surround the eyes - the circular orbicularis oculi muscles. When these muscles are worked, the small eyelid (palpebral) muscles are also worked, preventing hooded eyelids.
  • The muscle that surrounds the mouth - the circular orbicularis oris muscle. When this muscle is worked correctly, other smaller muscles of expression, like the zygomaticus, the buccinator, and the risorius are also worked.
  • The muscle of the chin - the mentalis muscle. When this muscle is exercised, the muscles at the front of the neck will also be brought into play.
  • The muscles at the front of the neck - the platysma and sternomastoid muscles. These muscles when they are toned up give a vigorous, vibrant, youthful appearance to a person.
  • The muscles of the head - the frontalis and occipitalis muscles at the front and back of the head. When the occipitalis muscle is brought under control and toned up, it will give a pleasing lift to the eyebrows. Gaining control of this muscle, especially for women, involves some hard work. Once the exercise for this muscle is mastered, though, it's easy to do and even refreshing.
  • The jaw muscles - the masseter and others. You don't have to be concerned about these because they get enough exercise when you chew food.
What are the benefits?

  • Prevent slack facial muscles
    • Never mind how good your skin care might be, you may get to the time in your life where all your facial muscles simply go slack, lax, saggy, baggy and crepey. The effect is that of a pile of washing - untidy and not that great to look at.
  • Achieve a smooth wrinkle-free skin
    • Facial exercises will do a great deal to promote a smooth wrinkle-free skin, and a vibrant glowing picture of health. Start your free facial exercises now, to achieve a more youthful look.
  • Facial exercises are economical - they are for free
    • Facial exercises will not take great effort or too much time, and pay handsome dividends in achieving a more smooth skin, with less wrinkles, lines and bags, glowing with health and vitality - a picture of a youthful looking you. You can't get more economical than these free facial exercises - so try the free facial exercises now.
  • Tone your facial firmness
    • These lines, wrinkles, folds and bags are not really wrinkles and lines as such, but are the supportive muscles in your face going soft - losing firmness, and not supporting the skin any more. Facial exercises can help with this - creating that facelift look with a non-surgical procedure.
  • Facial exercises for all ages
    • Facial exercises are not only for mature people to achieve a youthful, young, ageless and anti-aging face - but also for young people, to maintain their youthful looks.
    • Facial exercises are great for fighting wrinkles, and promoting a smooth, ageless, anti-aging skin, to really help you achieve that youthful looking you again.
  • Facial exercises do not create wrinkles
    • Facial exercises DO NOT cause wrinkles if done correctly - they actually help to make women and men look younger for longer, without a surgical facelift, by toning facial muscles. Surgical facelifts can be effective, but this type of cosmetic surgery is expensive, and can be traumatic. Why not try the free facial exercises as an alternative to a surgical facelift. The free facial exercises will not be as radical as the facelift, but will assist in achieving a younger looking face, without wrinkles and lines.
  • Facial exercises do not cause baggy skin
    • Facial exercises DO NOT cause loose and baggy skin - just the opposite. Incorrect exercises may cause problems, in the same way that incorrect exercises can hurt a muscle in your body. Some plastic surgeons promote and encourage the use of facial exercises, but many don't - why should they promote an exercise that achieves a firm, young, ageless looking face?
  • Surgical facelifts and facial exercises
    • Facelifts do work, but why go through a surgical procedure to achieve an ageless face, when you can simply and easily, for free and taking very little time, prevent these aging problems, and also turn back the clock to your young self. What more can we say - for free, you can have exercises to help achieve a more smooth skin, less wrinkles and a younger looking face.
    • A droopy double chin, or a couple of double chins, hanging cheeks, puckered up mouth, folds in your throat, puffy and droopy eyelids - does this sound familiar to the picture in the mirror? You have worked hard all your life to achieve a deserving ageless existence, and worked out your body muscles to stay in shape - but nobody ever told you to exercise your facial muscles to achieve that ageless look. Try the free facial exercises now.
    • Facial exercises have been around for a long time, but because there is no financial gain they are not well promoted. It makes you think, doesn't it?
    • The facial muscles connect to both the skin and the bone, and form the "cushion" on which the skin rests. If this cushion is flat, worn-out, compressed and not consistent in thickness, the skin will also not look its best.
    • Facial exercises not only benefit the supportive muscles, but also improve the skin and skin tone, as the increased blood flow to the skin assists in bringing nutrition to, and removing toxins from the skin.
    • The elasticity and health of the skin is determined greatly on the underlying tone, strength and vitality of the supporting facial muscles.
    • Facial muscle exercises, just like body muscle exercises, must be done regularly to achieve and maintain results. To get your facial muscles up to speed again, do these facial exercises daily, for at least a month, or until the desired effect is achieved, and then do these exercises at least three times a week to maintain the results.
    • Never mind how good your skin care regimen, or the skin care product you use, you may still need facial exercises to maintain the base muscles of your skin. In the same vein - facial exercises do not negate the use of skin care products - these two disciplines go hand-in-hand - and for a truly ageless look, both must be used together.
So, how do you do it? If you are in front of a computer, here is a free how-to-do video:

If you are reading this posting from your phone, give this a try (just one of many exercises):

Exercises for Double Chin

Everyone can correct the form and size of their chin by doing facial exercises. The secret of these exercises is that they strengthen the muscles, lift the skin and reduce under-chin fat. When you do these exercises regularly, that is once or twice daily, you can feel the first results after two weeks. And here are the exercises:

  • Sit down straight. Tilt your head back. Pull down the neck skin with your hand collarbone-high and keep holding so while you are exercising. Then pull your lower jaw forward and press your lips together. Hold in this position for 2 seconds. Then release for another two seconds and repeat again. Make 30 repetitions daily. You will feel the neck muscles and skin stretching. One doing this exercise looks like a fish in an aquarium.
  • Lie on your back with straight legs and hands on the floor near your thighs. Press your chin to your chest and hold in this position for 2 seconds. Then slowly tilt your head back, then again slowly press your chin to you chest. Make 25 repetitions.
  • Lie on your back with straight legs and hands on the floor near your thighs. Lift your head up, so that your chin is the highest point of the head, hold it for 2 seconds, then slowly release and lay your head down. Make 30 repetitions. You should feel your neck skin stretch.

Breathing Rules during Exercising

While you are doing these exercises make sure, that the rhythm of your breath is the same as the rhythm of your motions. For example, breathe in, as you lift your head and breathe out, as you lay your head down.

Well, give them a try! Send me an e-mail to say how it is working for you! Your never too young to start!