Saturday, February 7, 2009

How to get, "Come Hither Eyes"..

They say your eye's are the windows to your soul. Well, why not make those "windows" as beautiful as possible? Before you roll up your sleeves and grab that shadow, it's important we do a bit of diagnosing and shopping first. Here are some helpful hints you can follow when shopping for your items....

The very first thing to take notice of, is the skin quality around your eyes. Do they appear sluggish, dry, or have dark circles? Do you have crows feet, puffiness, or broken capillaries? These symptoms can be contributed to genetics, stress, or nutrition. If you are not able to get the optimal eight hours of sleep, there are other ways to combat. Drinking plenty of water (8-10 glasses a day), flushes our system of toxins that can show up under the eye. Investing in a great multi-vitamin, balanced out by great nutrition is a must as well.
I personally love, 'Womens One A Day', but would recommend consulting with your primary care physician of course. Now that we have dealt a little with what is within, finding a great eye cream is a must. You may ask, "Why can't I just use my normal moisturizer?" The answer is, the skin around our eye's are much more delicate, and should be treated accordingly. For example, we wouldn't put the same cream on our hands, as we do on our feet.

If you are looking to treat puffiness, dark circles, or have oily skin, I recommend a gel based eye cream. Gel based creams have a natural caffeine agent, yes, caffeine, and so they help to de-puff, and reduce swelling. I love, 'Clarins Eye Contouring Gel':

If you have drier skin around your eyes, and want to combat/prevent crows feet, or wrinkles, I would recommend a rich emollient cream like, 'Shiseido Benefiance Eye Cream'. You can also try their eye patches. They are absolutely wonderful. I just leave them on for one hour, once a week. They provide an instense replenishing of moisture to the eye area.

So, how do you apply eye cream? Remember to use PATTING motions. A dime size should be plenty for both eyes. AVOID the eyelid, as we do not want to get in product in our eyes. Just pat, pat, pat, under neath the eye area. Always use clean hands or a q-tip, so as not to get bacteria in the product.

Next, choosing the right concealer is a must. I love Bobbi Browns line of concealers. They blend effortlessly, and do not crease. You can layer the product to get the affect you so desire. They come in all shades, and even the most sensitive skins have no problem using this product.

To apply your concealer, start over the eyelid with your fingers, or concealer brush. Next, lightly pat the product in underneath your eyes. I like to apply three little dots, and then blend. Applying concealer over your lids, will give your eyeshadow more staying power. Additionally, it is perfectly fine to apply concealer over your eye cream.


You don't have to spend an arm, and a leg to find eyeshadows that will enhance your eye's. I personally love, Almay's line of eyeshadows that are customized for one's specific eye color. They come with their own accompanying eyeliner, shadow, and mascara.
If you need an instant pick me up in the morning, and want a subtle shimmer for the eyes, you will LOOOOVE 'Nuetrogena's Soothing Eye Tint'. It has a cooling effect, and instantly awakes the eye. These tints can be found at Target, and come in all different shades.

Women who have loose skin over their eyelid, or wrinkles, should always stay away from shadows that have shimmer. Shimmer highlights every flaw you have over the eyelid, when the light hits. Stick with matte colors.


Your next step should be, an eyelash curler. Don't be afraid! You can do it! Don't let the appearance of this device alarm you. The purpose of curling your lashes, are to open the eye. The first step, is to start with clean, dry eyes. I always curl my lashes after my eyeshadow is applied, but always making sure there is no residue from the previous day's wear of mascara.

Open the curler, and place your upper lashes inside it's mouth. Close your eye slightly, then open it; all of the lashes should move into the curler's mouth. Always hold so that the mouth is parallel to your lashes. Move the curler closer to the eye until the tool comes to the base of the lashes, but not over the skin of the eyelid. Keep the eye open and slowly close the curler. Your eyelashes should fan out evenly across the upper bar. If at any time you feel pinching, readjust the curler. Hold the closed curler for a slow count of five, keeping your hand and face steady. Repeat for additional volume. Repeat with the other eye. Lovely!!!!

Lastly, are you wondering
where some women, including most celebrities, get that certain "je ne sais quoi" in their doe-eyed expressions and come hither glances? Here's their secret: false eyelashes. Did you know that most "lash lengthening" mascara ads feature models who are wearing eyelash extensions so we'll all want to run out and buy that brand of mascara and its wand? Well, no wand waved over the average set of lashes is that magical, but here's how you too can fake your way to luscious lashes. I have attached a video, that will give you step-by-step instructions.

My gorgeous client Amy after lash application.

Well there we have it! A full mini-lesson on how to get those eye's that we have always wanted! Your on your way!